208-265-2644 PST   
Toll Free 866-904-0111


Mid May-Mid October in Sandpoint, ID at The Equestrian Center, LLC

12'x12' Individual Outdoor Stalls- Please note these stalls are not covered.
Please call Sam at 208-265-2644


Mid October-April in Yuma, AZ at our Winter Facilities

20'x20' or 40'x40' half-covered stalls. Please call Jennifer at 208-290-7423


Will you be vacationing with your horse or passing through the area on a long-distance haul?

Do you need a place to let them take a break for the night, day or week?

Why not stop in at our facility- we have overnight stalls, grass & alfalfa hay, privacy, and lots of parking and turnaround space for self-sufficient trailers or motor homes.­

Sam now offers customized layover "training" programs.  Please email her for details.                      

All horses must have a current negative Coggins and health certificate.

Boarding fees dependant on the number of horses, length of stay, and use of the facility.



Layover Facilities

Sandpoint, ID & Yuma, AZ

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