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Online Horsemanship Clinic

with Samantha Harvey

As I always say, "Take advantage of the unexpected opportunity and be adaptable." In light of recent events, we had to cancel the in-person clinic. I have decided to offer this online clinic as a fantastic opportunity for you to participate remotely, in a three-day-long clinic series with me. Each day will begin at 9 am and end at 12 pm. The day will be separated into five learning sections. The best part is you can learn, participate, ask questions, submit photos, watch, and review sessions all from the comfort of your own home!


Here's what will be included daily in the Online Horsemanship Clinic:

  • A one hour pre-recorded SESSION of Sam working horses. She'll offer a voiceover play-by-play of what is happening in the conversation between her and each horse.

  • A 30-minute Daily Discussion Lecture followed by 30-minutes LIVE Q & A relative to the Daily Discussion.

  • Daily Discussion Topics Include:

    • Habits, Patterns & Priorities

    • Finding Fun in the Few

    • The Melting Moment

  • A Four Photo Findings Session- Pictures submitted by Participants analyzing the photograph to improve their recognition and understanding of the horse's behavior.

  • Tack Tricks- Sam will address many hangups rider's tack and equipment can cause creating unwanted results.

  • Open Forum- 30 minute Q & A Participants Choice



Three separate DEMO horses will be filmed as Sam works with each of them. She will address assessing the horse, specific communication and supporting the horse to mentally search and physically try. They each have various backgrounds and none have spent much time with her, so they aren't "trained." The goal of the videos is to highlight what you think you are seeing, recognizing each of the horse's needs, watching what Sam offers and then assessing the horse's responses that dictate how the session transpires. The intention is NOT to have you copy what it looks like when Sam works with a horse. Rather this is the opportunity to notice subtleties and continuous conversations that occur between horse and human.


The group lectures are designed to give you ideas and new perspectives in how you are approaching working with your horse. They are to help you overcome challenges and old habits, to work towards improving the partnership with your horse.


As they say, a picture can tell a thousand words. The photo analysis is to learn to notice and recognize what can be assessed without the distraction of a horse's movement. These are not to critique the picture, but rather translate what you are seeing.


Many folks struggle or are unaware of how much distraction and effort they spend on their tack when handling or riding their horse. These discussions are designed to bring to light first awareness and then options in how to improve your tack handling skills which directly affect the specificity in which you communicate with your horse.


Each day will close with an open forum Q & A- anything horse related goes!


When is it? 

April 1-3 9am-12pm pst

Where is it?
Hosted in a private Facebook group.


Cost: $225/person for all three days
Payments Accepted: Credit Card

Enroll Today  or if you prefer PayPal Quick Sign Up

What if I can't make all the sessions? No problem. You can join in during any of the LIVE version sessions at any time. You will also have the option to replay and review any of the lectures and videos after the LIVE version has ended.


How long will I be able to replay any of the videos and sessions? The Online Horsemanship Clinic will remain online until April 10, 2020. 


Can I invite my horse friends? This event is a closed event limited to past and current Oakzanita Ranch Winter Series Clinic participants and auditors.


Can I pay for just one day? Unfortunately no. The way the group is set up all information posted is shared for all three days.


What happens after I sign up? You will then be sent a link to the private group to request to join.


How do I join the group?  Online sign-up form.


Is there a sign-up cut-off date? Yes. All participants need to sign up by March 31, 2020 noon pst.


Have other questions? Feel free to EMAIL Sam.



SAFETY & HEALTH UPDATE March 25, 2020 CLICK HERE in regards to current training, lesson, and clinics