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Horse Training Blogs

We like to keep things interesting for both horses and students- so we take advantage of our beautiful location and head out to the woods usually once or twice a week.  There is a popular spot for horses and riders of all levels about a half hour north of the TEC facility.  We ride rain or shine!

Not only is hitting the trails fun but it also addresses a lot of what we’ve worked on at the facility:

It’s a great way to condition both horse and rider.
It exposes horse and rider to different elements.
It is a great way to use all of the “charm school” goals in a “real life” setting.
Awesome mental stimulation to “expect the unexpected.”
Gives your horse an opportunity to trailer and still maintain mental availability and respect from your horse while at a new location.
A great opportunity for your horse to practice standing patiently tied to a trailer.
You never know what you’ll encounter- from wildlife, to off road vehicles to other horses.

Real Life Training